Since 1987, researchers from the University of California at Santa Cruz have studied our methods and reported them in various publications. An interesting study done at Swanton Berry Farm between 1987 and 1989 compared "conventional" chemical and organic methods of growing strawberries. It demonstrated that organic methods were commercially viable, though more costly than chemical methods.


"California Agriculture," July-August, Vol. 44, Number 4

"California Agriculture," January-February, Vol. 50, Number 1

Beginning in 2005, we will be participating in a large study of organic methods in strawberry production. The study will be conducted by researchers at the University of California at Santa Cruz, together with other researchers and participating farmers.


We spend a substantial amount of time every year working on public education. Our Farm Stand, which is located along the Coast between San Francisco and Monterey, draws thousands of casual visitors every season. Many of them linger for a while as they enjoy their shortcake, and take in our photo exhibit--which touches on everythingfrom farming history to local native species. Some take themselves on a self-guided tour of the Farm, which features drawings and descriptions of cultivated plants and native species which inhabit the Farm.

We also host numerous tours for groups from around the world.